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Can you escape in 60 minutes?


The hottest new real life escape game is here. The door clicks. Sixty minutes are on the clock. Can your team work together, solve the clues and find a way out?

Escape Room Attic

Holiday Hunt

Looking for a family friendly holiday room?  our other location, Escape hour room located at the Promenade in BOlingbrook, has one!  It is for families with children aging from 3-12.  Fun for the whole family!

Go to to book. 

Available Experiences


Premium designed live escape games.  

You will have to use your intellect and all of your senses to find your way out of these challenging rooms.

The Secret

Dad has been working on a new hobby, but you sense there's something more to it... You have 60 minutes to uncover the truth before he gets back.

35% Success Rate

$35 / Person



  • $250  for a private Room (Max 10 people) 

*Cannot be used with other promotions


Split Personality

Are you logic and order?

Or are you creativity and passion? Your team of doctors must split between two room and work together to save the patient. 


$35 / Person  (Min of 4 people required)



  • $350  for a private room (Max 14 people) 

*Cannot be used with other promotions


25% Success Rate

The Attic

Grandpa was a great adventurer but passed away several years back. Somewhere in his attic is untold treasure. You have to find it before the bank evicts Grandma.

30% Success Rate

$35 / Person



  • $200  for a private room (Max 8 people) 

*Cannot be used with other promotions


The Closet

It looked like a great place to hide until the door clicked behind you. Now you have 20 mins to find a way out.

80% Success Rate

$10/ Person


  • $25 for a private room (Max 4 people)

*Cannot be used with other promotions


Thursday - Fri: 5pm-11pm
Sat: 11am-11 pm
Sun: 11am-10 pm
Corporate Events by reservation. Contact us today!

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